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Advanced medical device solutions for improved patient outcomes in fluid management, urological drainage, airway management, respiratory care, surgical suction, and nursing care

  • Fluid Management

    Advanced diuresis monitoring solutions designed to prevent infections and provide accurate urine measurement in critically ill patients.

  • Urological Drainage

    An extensive range of urological drainage solutions including long-term silicone and latex Foley catheters, intermittent catheters, plus a diverse selection of bed and leg bags, designed for both hospital and home care.

  • Airway management

    UNOQUIP tracheal tubes prioritize patient safety throughout intubation for standard and specialized applications, complemented by a wide selection of suction catheters for oro-, nasopharyngeal, and tracheobronchial suctioning.

  • Respiratory Care

    A complete range of oxygen delivery systems to meet any situation where oxygen supply is required, plus tailored nebulization solutions for varied respiratory requirements.

  • Surgical Suction

    An extensive selection of suction handles, sets, and connecting tubes for both standard and specialized surgeries. 

  • Nursing Care

    Comprehensive gastroenterology solutions comprising ENFit™ feeding tubes, duodenal and stomach tubes, and a variety of accompanying accessories.

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