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Advanced diuresis monitoring solutions designed to prevent infections and provide accurate urine measurement in critically ill patients

outstanding solutions for measuring hourly diuresisIn-vitro study results have demonstrated that top-mounted urine meters are helping to prevent retrograde infection more effectively than traditional devices with a front-mounted chamber.1,2

The Q500 Plus is a top-mounted system, which, in addition, is equipped with two independent Non-Return Valves helping to further minimise the risk of retrograde contamination.Moreover, the system includes multiple features helping to provide accurate urine measurement for all patients, even for low volumes, during transportation and for various bed types.

1 Rasmussen A, Frimodt-Møller N, Espersen F, Roed M, Frimodt Møller C. Retrograde contamination and practical handling of urine-meters: a comparison of three systems for the measurement of hourly diuresis in an experimental bladder-drainage model and in clinical use. British Journal of Urology 1996; 78(2): 187-91.2 Frimodt-Møller N, Corneliussen L. In vitro test of different urine-meters in an experimental bladder-drainage model: prevention of ascending contamination depends on construction of the urine meter. British J of Infect Control 2005;6(5):14-17.

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